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Promote your presence. Maximise your visibility. Generate quality leads


We aim to ensure that you get maximum mileage from your investment and participation at our events. These marketing tools will help you engage your potential clients before the show, thereby facilitating fruitful onsite discussions.


Here’s a lowdown on what you can use with quick simple steps to get started:

1. Include event banner in your email signature 

We send loads of work emails on a daily basis so why not utilise that to give your company an extra edge in this competitive global market.


Tell everyone that you’re sponsoring / exhibiting at the show by simply adding the event banner in your email signature. Get your team members to do the same. More emails sent out with the event banner means more visibility, thereby boosting your credibility as an industry leader to more clients.


Request for your customisable banner here

Exhibitor banner.jpg
Sponsor banner.jpg

2. Add the event logo to your marketing

Create your own invites with the logo, add it to your current e-newsletters or publish adverts with the event logo via online and offline platforms.


Request for the other versions of the logo here

Event Logo - MI Asia (Annual).jpg

3.  Leverage on social media channels

Announce your involvement, what you are showcasing and who is speaking at the event on your social media platforms. Tag us in your posts and we will share them with our followers.


In your tweets, tag us at @EnergyMiningCM

On facebook, tag us at Energy Transition, Critical Minerals & Mining Investment Summits

Join & tag us at “Energy Transition, Critical Minerals & Mining Investment Summits” on LinkedIn

4. Email your contacts with an HTML invitation

This is the best way to make sure everyone on your email database knows about your presence at the event. Invite them to visit and connect with you at your stand.


If you do not have time to create an email invitation, we can do it for you. Request for your personalized email invite here

5. Highlight what you'll be doing at the event

Send us a write-up on what you’ll be showcasing at your stand. It could be a new mining project, a product launch or announcement of a new joint venture partner. We will include this information in pre-event email blasts, press release, web site or social media announcements. Submit your post here

6. Send a press release 


Are you launching a new product at the show? Do you have something exciting to tell the media? Then remember to send your media contacts a press release around the show so they know about it.


How can you make your press release stand out and capture the attention of a busy news Editor? What strategies can you use to make a press release newsworthy enough for media coverage?   View the guide to creating a Press Release here


Extra tip:   Send us your press release so we can include any exciting launches in our pre-event marketing and pitch about your company to the our media and press partners who are attending the show!


If you have any questions about how to use these marketing tools or have any feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our marketing team.

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