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South East Asia continues to see a rise in coal consumption and Vietnam is paving the way to be the fastest growing coal consumer. India, China and Indonesia are playing major roles both as consumers and producers of coal. 

Given the importance of coal, we are showcasing a full-day session to specifically focus on what lies ahead for coal in the SEA market and the key drivers for transformation.


Newly launched for 2020, 'Coal in Asia' is the latest conference element added to complement Mining Investment Asia Conference's current focus on mining financing, technology and gender diversity.


With this dedicated focus, miners can expect to hear from national and private coal mining companies on latest market trends, price forecasts, opportunities and the future of the industry. 


Most importantly, Coal in Asia provides technological service providers an ideal platform to showcase their products through exhibition stands, speaking roles and other branding opportunities.  

Topics include:

  • Growth in SEA – how long can we expect the growth to last?

  • How regulatory changes are impacting the market?

  • Regional coal market insights – focusing on Indonesia, Vietnam, India and China

  • Supply vs demand - can coal production in India be able to cope with the demand?

  • Vietnamese steel –  competing with the major players in Asia

  • Price forecast for met coal imports to SEA


The benefits of coal technology for the mining sector is endless. Join us and be a part of the coal mining technology transformation. 

Coal in Asia at Mining Investment Asia

Coal in Asia at Mining Investment Asia

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