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MMD Green Mining Solutions

230 260 0982

MMD designs and manufactures innovative material processing equipment for the mining, quarrying and recycling industries worldwide. Our core products are the Mineral Sizer™ and Apron Plate Feeder, which are a key part of our fixed, semi-mobile and fully mobile In-Pit Sizing and Conveying (IPSC) Systems that play a central role in helping mines achieve lower Scope 1 emissions targets, whilst improving productivity, safety and efficiency.

Our Bulk Ore Sorting systems advances IPSC technology by integrating ore sorting solutions to separate ore from waste in the mine - significantly reducing the scale and cost of downstream processing equipment with associated reductions in water and energy usage.

The Fully Mobile Surge Loader is our latest innovation that takes conventional truck and shovel operations to the next level, by increasing system efficiency and delivering up to 40% more productivity.

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