Vanadium One Energy Corp. is managed by an experienced team of mining professionals with extensive operating and financial experience.

Vanadium One Energy Corp. (VONE) is a mineral exploration company located in Toronto, Canada.  Our mandate is to acquire Vanadium and Manganese mineral projects, within North America.  These minerals are strategic minerals within the rapidly growing Electro-Voltaic and Energy Storage industries.  


Our plan is to define the economic potential of our properties and define end markets for our products.  Once extracted, VONE intends to process and refine its raw materials on-site with the express intention of creating a closed-loop supply chain with end users.


Our company name reflects its commitment to these “Strategic Minerals”.  The US Government includes both Manganese and Vanadium on its list of Strategic Minerals.  However, there is virtually no source of supply for either mineral within North America at this time.  Currently, these minerals must be sourced outside North America and this provides the Company with a timely opportunity to fill this unmet requirement.