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CEO and Co-Founder 

NR Capital Pte Ltd, Singapore

Tom has over 29 years of experience within the Commodity sector in a range of senior management roles in trading, risk management, finance and investment management.

Throughout his career, Tom has combined the latest technology with best practice to create innovative services and solutions for the Commodity industry.  As early as 1999 he pioneered online trading for the international oil industry [SWAPNET], with 15% of the business being sold to Citibank Group. Then with Credit Agricole, Tom developed an integrated credit solution for trade finance and commodity hedging covering a multi-billion dollar global portfolio exposure:  TRI-CLEAR. He was then approached by Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi to restructure its commodity trading group in London in to a more commodity sector credit risk arbitrage focused strategy.

Tom also set-up Liquid Capital’ Commodity unit succeeding to build up a 10 strong team within 9 months and produce on-target returns of 20% pa on an AUM of US$150M and established a well-sponsored structured trade finance group embedded within an Asian SWF entity (AUM at inception US$100M). Tom moved to Singapore in 2009 to established Navitas Resources Pte Ltd. as a risk management and trading management consultancy. Though the projects undertaken by Navitas Resources, Tom identified and analysed the Trade Finance issue increasingly faced by clients, this led him to form a dedicated team to develop a solution. NR Capital was then formed in 2016.

Tom has served as a Senior Energy advisor to the United States Department of Defense (TFBSO). He holds a Masters Degree in Price Risk Management, and is completing his PHD in Corporate Risk Management.  He is a well known published author with Wiley Finance and Palgrave Macmillan in the areas of Commodity & Energy trading, risk management and investment.

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