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Founding Partner
Havelock Mining Investment, China

Raymond JinYu Liu is a qualified mining engineer with a commercial background. He reserved his degree in Mining Engineering from University of Western Australia, completed a Master of Mineral Economics from Curtin University and holds a certificate of Western Australia Unrestricted Quarry Manager’s license. Mr Liu is the founding managing partner of Havelock Mining Investment, a Hong Kong investment company, and oversees all aspect of management activities. He was Director of Fosun International Australia and an associate investment director of Fosun Mineral Resources, leading investment activities in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to this, he held hands – on technical roles at Rio Tinto, Runge, KGM and Mt Gibson Iron. During this time within Rio Tinto, he was responsible for resource development strategy at the Greater West Angelas Region in Pilbara. Mr Liu is a member of of AusIMM.