Ranger Fire Systems is the authorized distributor and installer of protecfire systems in Singapore and Malaysia. The high-quality protecfire systems that we customize to our customer’s needs are designed in Germany and have been installed on mining and defence-industry vehicles, as well as buses, wind turbines and commercial kitchens. 

Our systems have received multiple specialized certifications in the mining industry (e.g. DMT, German Underground Mining Approval, RAG Coal Mining approval, Codelco open-pit mining fire testing for Chile, amongst others).

By having a robust vehicle fire suppression system on mining equipment such as excavators, wheel loaders, drilling machines, dump trucks and others, our customers are assured of continuous operations, protection for capital-intensive mining equipment and overall staff safety for their operations. This helps to ensure overall productivity and efficiency, by minimizing any potential disruptions from fire hazards.      

Key features of our system include: 1. No Electricity needed, 2. No Pressure in all pipelines, 3. Minimal Maintenance and 4. Able to work in extreme adverse conditions.