Didier J Rault 2020.jpg

Chairman and CEO 
World Mining Investment, Hong Kong 

 Didier J. Rault is an international financier who works on complex government and corporate deals between the West and Asia. Since the mid-1990’s, he has spent most of his time working and traveling between Hong Kong, Paris, and New York. He currently has an office in New York that uses its capital raising business to obtain direct ownership stakes in private funds and direct transactions. He also has a family office in Geneva where he has partnered with select European families to find and arrange strategic projects and investments, especially in green tech. 

Mr. Rault established World Mining Investment (WMI) in 2009 to buy assets in Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa to sell back to Chinese mining companies. WMI has made significant deals since it was established over a decade ago, including coal mine deals in eastern Australia and Qinghai Province, China, and in 2019, a major heavy rare earths venture agreement in Guangxi Province, China. 

With an experienced team of high level finance executives based in Geneva and New York, Mr. Rault can utilize his extensive network and deep experience in Europe, the US, and in Asia to develop and secure complex, strategic public or private sector deals that create value across continents