Secretary General

Federation of Mining Associations of Rajasthan, India

Born in a Mine Owners family, four decades of hands on experience in operating and Managing Mines for Industrial Minerals including underground China Clay Mines.

Designed and commissioned Mineral Processing Plants and Clay Transportation using Hydraulic system with Gravity as prime mover – first time in India.

Running a National crusade for development of Mine Clusters, Satellite Surveillance system to monitor mineral movement and check Illegal Mining, creation of Mineral Bearing Zones to ensure Mineral security for future generations, Sustainable mining and reclamation and rehabilitation of abandoned mine areas.

Fourth term Elect as Secretary General for the Federation of Mining Associations of Rajasthan. Member of  several State Advisory committees on Policy, Rules, Regulations, Taxation,  Preservation and Enforcement of Environmental Norms and member of District Mineral  Funds.

Mechanical and Thermal Environmental Engineer, Solar Energy enthusiast.